Just for the Guys: Repair Your Morning Routine With Amend Skincare

As part of growing my blogging journey this year, I decided I wanted to reach out to other Cleveland area small business owners in collaboration to showcase talent and support each other. When one of my friends from school mentioned she had a friend who just recently started his own business, I thought it may be a good opportunity to meet him. When I did meet Ben, and learned about his skincare line for men, I was blown away. 

Amend is a USA-made cosmetics line that is made specifically for men's skin, and was made for the purpose of covering acne marks, scars, redness, etc. Ben shared that he came up with the idea when he used to go to the mall with his mom's help and purchase over the counter cosmetics to smooth his complexion for a boost of confidence. It's a known fact that when you feel good and look good, you exude good. Times are changing, stigmas are falling away; makeup is no longer just for women. 

So how does Amend work? Consisting of the Damage Controller (a long-lasting tinted moisturizer and skin perfecter) and the Rogue Concealer stick (perfect for under-eyes) that both come in three different shades to match virtually any skin tone, all your guy has to do is apply both after washing his face. It's a low-maintenance routine that mimics the basis of all great skin care: wash and treat. (side note-the products themselves are gender neutral, so anyone can use them. I tried both and they were great: they went on smooth, evened out my skin tone really well and was moisturizing!)

I thought this idea was genius- I personally have known more than one guy in my life that secretly purchased through female friends foundations or concealers to hide acne, and since men typically get more aggressive acne and scarring then women, this market is for the taking! Any smart retailer knows that in the market of fashion and beauty, it's the women making the purchasing decisions for the guys in their lives 90% of the time. The great thing about Amend is that it's made by men, for men, so it should be as natural as purchasing a nice cologne or face moisturizer. If you spend time and money to feel and look good, don't stop at your clothes; face the world more confidently with Amend. 

You can shop the products on the Amend USA website here, and I highly recommend checking it out! The video showing the product on real people is great! You can also follow Amend on their Facebook page as well and see all the new things Ben is doing with this line!


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