Feelings on Spring Trends

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Feelings on Spring Trends

Trends. Whether you follow them or not, chances are your insta feed is filled with at least 10 girls wearing the same type of outfit that they just bought. That's the good thing about bloggers and style influencers: they are constantly bringing trends to mainstream media and inspiring maybe some not-so-good shopping habits; while on the other hand, there is a lack of originality amongst these social influencers and take the spotlight away from actual fashion bloggers who do more than just shop everyday and show off who wore what first.
Below are the most worn and seen trends on insta and street style stars today, and I don't exactly love them. To me they definitely are fads that will come and go again, but aren't exactly real fashionable silhouette's/styles. Again, these are my opinions, I just felt like sharing some alternative thoughts!
Let's begin!
Trend: Off the shoulder
Above: not my favorite. When the cut is too low that it looks like you're not wearing a top, that's not flattering. Another thing that is not flattering? When it gives you armpit fat. A good off the shoulder cut shouldn't push in at any point. And if the cut is that low, please for the love of chic don't wear a cropped version. You may as well just wear a bralette. And yes, that is a dress in the center, on some people would have to be a top. I'm petite and even I think that the billowy style and over the top ruffle is unflattering. Trust, this dress is the bad 80's version of 2016.
Below: My top picks for flattering off the shoulder styles. I recently just purchased the grid dress to the left and cannot wait to get it in. The cut is just low enough for that effect and the silhouette is flirty, feminine and flattering on all body types. With a cinched-in waist and a moderate hem, this dress is perfect for any fun summer occasion. Add a belt and some cute shoes, and bam. I'm also loving this peasant and lace top with the thin straps as support and a chic touch. Another good dress option in the chic patterned one that features ruffles and a slightly open upper arm. All great price points, all linked below!
Dress: Do & Be (sold out) // Cream Blouse // Blue Print Dress

Trend: Pom-Pom's & Fringe
I understand these sandals are a great vacay vibe. With a flowy white tunic and a large straw tote, why not rock that island? But leave them there. A pound of felt balls and fringe covering your entire foot is distracting, and limits what outfits you can pair with them. Again, they're not my style, but a great alternative is the popular lace-up's and always loved gladiator style, like the shoe below. This simple beauty is not only on trend, but can be paired with anything and is in an extremely flattering nude color. A style like this looks good on the leg, and wont distract your vision or line flow of the outfit!
Trend: 90's Style Necklace's
Gold Bar Festival Wrap Choker
Here is where I am conflicted. I was a tween of the 90's, so naturally seeing a lace choker brings up warm fuzzy memories of my favorite high school rom coms like '10 Things I Hate About You', 'Drive Me Crazy' (that one never gets old) and even the great 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'. I know all trends come back around again, and I don't think 90's grunge will ever truly be uncool, so I guess a lace or gold choker can be chic. But if we're going all Kardashian with the tattoo chokers, skin-tight nude outfits, scalp-tight braids, and flatform shoes, then just don't. That look is so tired. In regards to this suede stringy wrap thing? Obviously borrowed from western culture, and can get cowboy instead of boho real fast. My pick is the one above, which features a chic gold bar wrap, which can be found on Kristen Cavallari's website Emerald Duv. 
Trend: Bandana Scarves
Ok this is clearly a fad (another one borrowed from the 90's) but was given a facelift (much needed). Look up Coachella pictures from last month and every other girl is wearing a bandana around their neck and throwing up peace signs. Thanks, Cara. I do think the knotted around the neck version is a chic and polished way to add some casual color and good old American spirit. I do think the look is too saturated though, as I see too many bandana's on too many instas.
Besides, no one will ever rock a tied bandana as well as this legend, so theirs no use in trying to keep up with Phyllis Neffler.
"It's a Van Runkle. Isn't it fabulous!!"

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