Mix & Match with Polished Peices

Ever been told at 25 that your too old to have your wisdom teeth out? How about at 27 when they start lecturing you that you're pushing 30? Well here's some freaking wisdom for you, DONT WAIT TILL YOUR PUSHING THIRTY TO GET YOUR WISDOM TEETH OUT. Seriously, this is the shits guys, and not in the cool way. I guess my youth is gone, and with that my mouths ability to heal at a normal pace. Balls.

Well while I've been in a not-so-pretty slumber thanks to my good friend Vic, I've at least had the ability to use my hands and put them to use by online shopping (well, window shopping that is). With spring in the air comes that feeling that I want to purge my closet and start anew, this time with grown-up chic pieces that are playful, polished, easy and able to play well with others. Nothing about me is simple, but I am feeling easy silhouettes in light fabrics. While I want to get away from the cutesy looks, I am definitely gravitating towards rompers and jumpsuits this spring that can be layered a bajillion ways for day to night with extras like sneaks, wedges, hats, sunnies, and the perfect moto jacket (obsessed with all things moto jacket). Shop above my current favorite picks!

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