Loving Lately

I'm craving spring people! I've already got my list started of what I want to refresh my wardrobe. How great are these bright, saturated colors for spring? I love that this year there is a resurgence of the primary colors and not just pastels.Personally I love to rock bright in-yo-face colors on my feet, but I can't help but want all of the above. That moto jacket?! ughh love. And yes, I am still obsessed with lace-up's. I just purchased those red ones, and I can't wait to get them! Typically my style is not girly, but as soon as I saw that rainbow striped sequin dress from Kate Spade, I saw possibilities. Layer with a tee, add a neck scarf, wear with a black turtleneck and tights until the snow melts; no need to wait to start rocking some cheery pieces. How about the neck scarf trend? I personally would take that gorgeous silk scarf and wrap it around the handles of my handbag to add a fun punch of print and color. And the choker necklace trend? Try the sophisticated approach and rock a classy gold chain collar necklace that hits right under the throat for a grown-up take on the 90's look. 
That furry little chunk of a groundhog better be right that spring is around the corner because I've got spring fever. So excited for fashion week to start this week, I'll be sure to post my favorites later!


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