How To Care For Your Shoes

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How To Care For Your Shoes

I'm a shoe girl, always have been, always will be. I believe shoes set the tone for your outfit; that is the shoes make or break it. I spend quality money on the shoes I purchase so I want to make sure they last as long as possible and look as brand new as possible. There is nothing that ruins a look more than when your shoes are beat and dirty.
When I started purchasing my own shoes, I made it a habit to pre-care when I buy them and clean my shoes regularly to keep them in tip-top shape. Below I have tips for caring for the majority of fabrics for shoes: leather, sneaker material, and suede.

Boots are pricey no matter what shape they are, and leather requires the utmost care. As soon as my leather shoes come out of the bag, I immediately pull out the Kiwi polish, take a soft cloth and buffer in circles. Wipe off the excess with the cloth and put aside to set. I regularly wipe them clean throughout the fall and winter, and then polish them one more time before I store them in their bags for the spring/summer. You can buy the perfect polish at Target.

.Sneaker Fabric.
I remember growing up my brother had the largest white sneaker collection. Keep in mind this was mid-nineties when he was in high school, so they were the legit high-tops and trainers. I guess that ingrained in my mind that sneakers always look best clean, like their right out of the box. I'm also a sneakerhead (and brand loyal obviously) so keeping my casual kicks as perfect as possible is my goal. I went to the local drugstore and got these sprays with a brush head on top. One is for prep & seal, and the other is a routine cleaner. Just like with my boots, I made this a routine habit as well. Those pale pink wedge kicks are over 5 years old and have not a spot on them!


My heels collection is !!! While I display only the best on a rack in my room, the rest line my walk-in's floor. These stay year round, because even if I'm not wearing these in the snow, I love looking at them every time I walk into the room. Heels are the most precious to me since they are my typical 'weekend' shoe. Now with suede, you have to be more careful when it comes to care and keep. It is best to treat suede with a soft-bristle brush, like the one shown above. A toothbrush also works and is probably best for small areas like the heel and the toe tip. NEVER use water to wipe off a stain on suede. I made that mistake on the fuchsia ones above once, and I saw fuchsia water drops all over my sink (freak-out mode). If there is a stain, try using a little bit of white vinegar to dissolve and brush out. I try not to wear my suede shoes in anything but dry weather and clean pavement. From time to time however, I do take them to a cobbler and have them cleaned and the heel tap reinforced.

The other ways I treat my shoes are with insoles, traction pads on the bottom soles, and heel guards. The shoes that aren't on display, I keep in my walk-in, or in off seasons, in flat, plastic storage totes in the basement to keep them clean. All of these aids I talked about above, along with cleaners and storage can be found at Target.
Shoes are not only function, but they can be works of art and design too. Treat them right!

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