2015 in Review & My Blog Turns 6 Months!

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Judul : 2015 in Review & My Blog Turns 6 Months!
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2015 in Review & My Blog Turns 6 Months!

Wow, I cannot believe this year is over already, where did the time go!? 2015 was a great year for me and I feel blessed with family, health, and personal growth. I can only pray that 2016 is just as good or even better! Below I am sharing some of my favorite moments from 2015, ones that I will treasure looking back on and seeing where I am at next year at this point.
Also, December 30th marks 6 months that I have been blogging. That went by fast too, but time flies when you have fun! I am still in the beginning/growth stages and so I am still trying to get outreach and support to spread my name. I just got a Nikon DSLR camera for Christmas too, so I cannot wait to start taking pictures once I have a basic understanding. At the end of this post, Ill share my goals for this space in the upcoming year!
So, some of my favorite moments this year are:

I met two of my favorite wrestlers!

So those close to me know my obsession with WWE (blame Anthony). For Anth's birthday this past year I got him tickets to Wizard World (that was an experience lol) to meet his favorite Diva, Paige and one of our favorite superstars, Dolph Ziggler. I may have tried to flirt with Dolph who did not pick up on it at all, and I actually ended up bonding with Paige instead, much to Anth's dismay.
I became a master chef for clean eating!

oh, my bad. The picture below is clean eating. (jk i love donuts so much I couldn't pass posting a pic of my dozen!) 

About 2 years ago I started clean eating and haven't gone back since (I do the 80/20 rule, that way i never feel deprived). Clean eating isn't a diet, it's a healthy lifestyle. I will doing another post in the new year all about my clean eating story, favorite recipes, etc. Above are two of my recent meals, a fat-flush soup and Brussels sprouts and squash. 
Michael Thomas was born!

My mom's best friend has a daughter three years older than me, named Jen. I've known her all my life, and look up to her as a big sister. She was my mentor in high school, we went to the same college together, etc. This past April, Jen and  her hubby had their first child, Michael Thomas. I love him so much, he is literally the cutest, sweetest babe. This was the night we brought his Christmas gift over to him. Isn't he a doll?!
I turned 27!

I swear, since I turned 25 I have started to physically feel like I am aging lol. This was a good birthday though, although I think that as I get older, I will have a complex about aging. I'm a kid at heart and to be honest, vain. 
Started playing around with photography

This was taken at my favorite place in the whole wide world in the butterfly garden.

We went to RAW, and my favorite wrestler tweeted me!

For my birthday gift Anthony got me third-row tickets to Monday Night Raw downtown. I dressed like my favorite booty-licious diva, and made a sign for my fav, Roman Reigns, who saw it on twitter and tweeted me! I'm never deleting that twitter notification! lol (oh and we were on tv!)

I started a blog!!
This was one of the biggies and one I am most proud of. If you read my first post ever, I shared how I had this blog domain since 2012, but never seriously pursued it. When I decided to go all in this past June, I knew I wanted to create a space that could grow and inspire others for years to come.
 I spent quality time with great friends
 (yes this is with a selfie-stick, and those things aren't easy to maneuver!)
Anth built a house!
After some time of going back and forth between building and buying, Anth decided to build a home. I love it. Its so spacious, warm and inviting. And brand new which means every time I step foot in there, my brain turns into Pinterest and I can imagine all the new stuff I want to buy/make for this space. The best part? The second largest bedroom upstairs he is letting me turn into a full-blown walk-in boutique room (when we are married of course). I cant wait to share that project with you someday! (This pic is from the finishing stages in the kitchen)
My bff moved here & got engaged

Andrea was my college roommate to begin with, but turned into so much more than that. She is truly my soul sister. We are pretty opposite, but I guess that's what makes our friendship quirky. She's from Lansing NY (like 6 hours away) so we've always been apart aside from school. This summer she got engaged and then moved to Cleveland a few months later for her fiancé's new job. We have been apart for 7 years and I couldn't be happier to have her here.
I chopped my hair off 
No going back now! lol so I got a "lob" and my lazy-ass loves it, but I do miss my hair long when I want to dress up. My head doesn't miss it though; I constantly got headaches from my long hair. This was a big deal for me, the last time my hair was this short was when I was 15!

I got a personal trainer to whip me in shape!
And he rocks. Seriously. I actually look forward to our meetings and I feel so much more energized and happy since I've gotten into this routine. Plus, I have really enjoyed shopping for coordinating workout clothes, that is something I never cared for before but now I love.
We bought the first decor for the house
A runner! that's too narrow for the hallway we bought it for! That was my bad, I was always bad with measuring and numbers. No biggie because there were plenty of other places for it, and I think I like it best in my Tiffany blue laundry room. I was freaking excited when we bought this darn thing.
My dad learned what it takes to be a bloggers photog

Hey, I cant take pictures of myself can I? The struggle is real. And I need a full-time assistant/photographer pronto.

My mom turned into my biggest behind-the-scenes helper
My ace, my fashion partner. She takes most of my photos for me. Lord help me the day I get married, Anth HATES taking blog pics for me.
Another year with this guy
Our 6th Christmas together. Lucky him ;)
And I cant not put a pic of my fur babes up!
My beautiful Gabby

and Dolce, a true male, a true baby.
This is Dolce & Gabbana, the little loves of my life. Thus ends the glimpse into some of the blessings of 2015.
So happy 6 months, CFB. I have truly enjoyed blogging thus far and learning all about this saturated, social-media obsessed market. For 2016 as my blog grows, I will be featuring better quality photographs, more outfit posts, and more posts about life topics in general.
 I plan to keep learning for a long time about how to expand my space, grow myself and manage to get a loyal audience. One thing I've learned about this experience is that there are so many similar bloggers out there, or those individuals that use Instagram as a platform for popularity from outfit photos and don't produce great content on their actual blog spaces. Daily, I see a sea of the same looking girls, the same looking photo set-up's and the same "its on sale!" notifications. I have always prided myself on the little things that set me apart.  If there is any ideas you as a reader have, or anything you want to see, please let me know. I love fashion first and foremost, and fashion encompasses much more than just outfits and shopping!
 I also hope to connect and collaborate more with people in the Cleveland area as I grow, and I love meeting other creative people. Feel free to connect with me, and thanks for sticking with me thus far, I am planning much more exciting things in the future.
Here is to a happy, healthy and peaceful 2016!

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