Trend Spot: Wide Leg Crops-A do or a don't?

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Trend Spot: Wide Leg Crops-A do or a don't?


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From left to right: Nordstrom, Forever 21, Nordstrom
So while scrolling through my daily shopping websites lately, I have notice a silent trend pop up, no doubt taken straight from the runway and adapted into norm core retail stores. This would be the cropped, wide leg pants (side note, also known as culottes, a style that dates back to the French Revolution and saw a resurgence in the 60's).
 It started this summer with the influx of the cropped flared denim that we saw styled by many sartorial street stars during fall fashion week. That was a trend that I would not try to adapt as I know my personal style and that is a little too far reaching for me. Then, I started to see a different spin: pants, cropped higher than the ankle, in different fabrics, with larger flares. WTH. This is what I think of whenever I see those pants on stores sites:

The Flashback of the Gaucho Pants-circa 2006!!! (cue horror music)

Eek! I never owned a pair, but one night borrowed my roommate's, I'm not sure why. This is me in my college freshman glory, that being overly-bronzed face, blue contacts and accessories from Charlotte Russe to match every outfit.

The trend eventually died out a few years later thank goodness until now we see a different spin on this style; updated, grown-up and chic I guess you can call it. But I'm simply not feeling it.

The piece is meant to be work appropriate, somewhat tailored chic, and says you don't take yourself too seriously, but are still fashion forward. So how to wear them? Street style stars and bloggers alike style them with cropped tops and jackets, a oversized top, a tucked in romantic blouse, a sporty bomber jacket, a sexy bodysuit. Footwear can be anything from mules, platforms, d'orsay pumps or sneakers. Even though I am short in stature, I think I could pull off a tailored pair that hit mid-shin, and wasn't too wide with bulky fabric. I could wear them to work, or a function with cocktails if need be. But in my life, I would feel out of place, so this trend is a thumbs down in my book. So how much length of time goes until they come back again? As it is, this currently is a time in fashion where all styles are being recycled.

Tell me, what do you think? Would you try rocking a pair of these? Did you love gauchos back in the day? I'd love to know others opinions!

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