Red, White and Blue

Coat: Nordstrom // Blouse: Cache // Denim: Nordstrom // Heels: Go Jane // Bag: Coach // Lip color: MAC Plumful
I wanted something patriotic for today, seeing what went on over the weekend. It's a great coincidence that France's flag is blue, white and red, the opposite of ours, so in a sense, this post goes out to them.
After 9/11 my mom told me that she prayed back in the day that when she was to have kids, they would never know what war is like. At least I knew that peace she wanted for me till then. There is violence in the world everyday, some we hear about, some we don't. I try not to dwell on bad news, but for some reason I couldn't shake that sad, sad feeling this weekend of the unfortunate souls in Paris. What is the point of killing innocent people? My heart and prayers go out to them, as that is all I can do. And hopefully their nation can heal, knowing that the rest of the world stands with them, we stand together, as one.
Here's to peace someday.

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