Gift Guide Series Part 3: Gifts for the Girlie Girl!

PS-Sorry this isn't any larger, after THREE times of re-doing it, I give up! 
This might be my favorite gift guide yet! The best part is some of these pieces are on sale right now thanks to black Friday. I was going to do a separate post on all the sales to know about, but between other bloggers and emails, I figured you know.
I can't believe my favorite day is finally here, Thanksgiving! Anyone who knows me can tell you right off the bat that Amanda lives for Thanksgiving. I love the food, the ease of the day, and the stuffing myself silly. Since I still live at home (I plan on living at home until I'm married, because I'm traditional like that) I can still act like a kid during the holidays and indulge in my longtime family traditions (plus I secretly think my parents enjoy it too with me) So for Thanksgiving, I wake up and head downstairs to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade in my jammies with coffee and cinnamon rolls. Then I get ready and head over to Anthony's family's house for their meal, then come back to my house with him where we eat again and I spend the rest of the night in a twilight zone while the guys watch fooseball. I also may or may not have taken my pants off.
The next day I start my Christmas decorating! I could never ever decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, it just doesn't feel right, plus I like to celebrate Thanksgiving for what it is, along with enjoying the last of the fall season!
Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions you or your family does? I'd love to hear them, I'm always fascinated with how other people spend their holidays and what they eat! I know our meal hasn't changed for over 27 years now and I love it! I even had my mom make the whole she-bang for my 26th birthday and she resented me for a solid week after, but I love it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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