Forever 21 Grows Up

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Judul : Forever 21 Grows Up
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Forever 21 Grows Up

 When was the last time you purchased from Forever 21? For me, it was just about a month ago. I never go in the store though (too much for my anxious self) I shop entirely online. I remember the first time I ever shopped there, my parents drove me 1 hour to the closest store location, and I left with bags stuffed with goodies over an hour later of pillaging and treasure hunting.
Fast forward to today where I prefer to purchase high quality items I can re-wear over and over. But one day, I wanted just a cheap, breezy dress I could wear to work and sit comfortably in a chair all day and I was pleasantly surprised to find a cute peasant dress at F21. I purchased it regardless of my negative feelings towards their return policy, from a new section on their website called Contemporary. When I got the dress, I was obsessed. It fit perfectly, did not look cheap and was so cute. I wore that darn dress more than any other last summer/fall. Since then, my go-to for quick pieces that I want to anchor an outfit is Forever 21 Contemporary.
Here is my first purchase from the Contemporary line:
What else do I love about the Contemporary line? It is on-trend, without being the typical cliché trendy clothing that other fast fashion stores seem to back-stock. The quality in my items have been wonderful. The fit is great and this is important: if you ask most late twenties women what they think about F21, I bet you the first thing they would say is the clothes don't fit right for anything other than a little teen body. Contemporary is cut for an adult body shape. I am comfortable and therefore confident in the way my items fit me.
Remember this beautiful dress?

I was shocked when I tried it on. The quality was superb; side zipper, fully lined, no pulling. The embellished neck line was just as described. The low v-back was sexy but sweet.

This vest has been worn to pieces since it arrived a month ago! I love that it looks so chic and can be adjusted in the waist. This is sadly sold out, but Anthropologie has one very similar here.

This white basic tee was another recent purchase that is a winner. Linen/cotton blend front, and cotton back with side split and a longer back hem, this basic is better fitting and looking that a usual tee.

Right now, scrolling down the Contemporary pages I see a lot of Zara inspired pieces, some H&M similar silhouettes, and even a couple Nasty Gal inspired items. Below are a couple of items I am loving now:

All currently available on

Impressed yet? If you still need convincing, the Wall Street Journal and WhoWhatWear both also recently published great articles on the face of this store and the ways it is changing and adapting to the fashion consumers of today. You can find those articles here and here,, respectively.

So tell me, have you purchased from the Contemporary line or are you planning too? I'd love to see your picks!


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