The Modern Girls GuideTo Dressing For The Gym

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Judul : The Modern Girls GuideTo Dressing For The Gym
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The Modern Girls GuideTo Dressing For The Gym

"Yeah no, don't put me down for cardio" Fat Amy knows what's up, for real.
I was debating branching out of my comfort zone about "what I know" and doing a post on athletic wear, but since I was the biggest Fat Amy at heart, I figured ehh, betta not. (see what I did there lol). BUT my super awesome trainer suggested I do a post on what not to wear to work out, and since a. ) I had nothing planned ahead of time b.) he's a secret genius in blog ideas and c.) I am now a beloved gym go-er, I thought I would not only lay down what not to-do but also share some of the fabulous athletic wear that is new on the market.
Lets be honest, this is not real life, and it shouldn't have to be.

It's a new day in age thanks to Insta celebs that make women think that getting dressed for the gym should be as detailed as getting dressed for the club. First, I will never look anything like a Kardashian or Jenner let alone need to, especially when going to the gym. I'm there to work hard with my trainer, that's it. Not attract attention for the wrong reasons (unless John Cena was at that same gym, then ignore everything I've said so far). So thank you to Kylie for being our model, and thank you to Evan for giving me his personal list of Dont's he has seen in the gym:
1.) Heels: I mean....I can barely walk straight between the machines as it is. Also a maybe not-so-obvious don't according to him? those wedge sneakers. He had a girl come in Nike Sky High Wedges to work out. Ok technically they are a sneaker, but a fashion sneaker. Geesh try doing weighted squats with those!
2.) Jewelry: we're talking fashion jewelry here, not your wedding rings or gold chain you haven't taken off since graduation. Ladies (ahem Kylie) multiple Cartier bracelets are not needed (I'll babysit them for you though). That also goes for large earrings.
3.) Full faced makeup: Unless you came straight from or to work, then you get a free pass. We've all seen it, the girl that does her make-up before going to the gym because there are guys there. Who freaking feels like flirting when your face is glistening anyways? Ain't nobody got time for that! I keep mine simple with just lip balm and mascara so I don't look too scary. And I do prefer to wash my face before I work out as well as after to help keep my pores fresh.
4.) Apparel you cannot move in: I keep a gym bag in my car if I can't make it home to change in time. There is no need to wear a skin tight tunic over leggings just to look good and think it passes off as athletic wear. Also, I have been seeing a lot of companies start to sell their own "versions" of athletic apparel, and it basically looks like tomboy stripper outfits. I'm sorry, but I don't need a cage bra with cutouts and a deep-v.
Thankfully, there have been some wonderful and affordable apparel lines for real women who get fit in any way they choose that have hit the market hard and fast lately. Designed for the girl on the go who wants to grab brunch after barre, the athleisure trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, and thank goodness. It's a more casual and comfortable society than ever, with ladies still wanting to look good and feel good. Below I've linked some of my current favorites from affordable to a little splurge. It's your body, your worth it! (click to shop below)
Co-founded by Kate Hudson, her designs go from any type of movement to the street with fun add-on's such as coordinating vests and jackets. Sign up and get your first outfit for $25.
Carrie created her line of workout clothes to help women "work in working out". At great price points for all items, her polished and cute pieces are a breeze to mix and match for a look your own.
Black Moon Bra
Slightly more bohemian and designed for yoga, run and surf these are slightly more pricey than the previous and include pieces that are also slightly more daring or statement-making. My personal favorites are left, and below.
Rhapsody Top
Think of sheer layered mesh, metallic two-pieces and bandage leggings. This higher priced line definitely caters more to the street style athleisure.

And to end this post, here is this gem.
Oh, and guys? NO.

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