Hesitation…no longer

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Hesitation…no longer

I officially started this blog 3 years ago when I was a fresh and energized girl with lots of fantasies and no knowledge of how to live them. For close to 3 years, I would occasionally open up my blog and just have it sitting in its own browser tab, staring at it in case I decided today was the day I’d start. (I should also probably not leave out the fact that I am by nature an incredibly lazy person lol) The thing is though, that it was never a good time for me to start: I didn’t have a camera, I had no one to take pictures of my daily outfits, I started a job where I never touched my closet, I didn’t have time after work, I was tired, I didn’t do anything/go anywhere during the week worthy of a good outfit, etc. As time passed, it seemed like every girl and their mother now had a fashion blog, and I was worried about being cliché, or having my blog become lost in the shuffle when I know that I have something special. I bought informational books about standing out in the blogger world, researched different priced blog designs (which I couldn’t afford when I started out), and spent hours devouring my favorite fashion blogs.

Another frustration I felt when devouring those blogs, was that the market was already so saturated with bloggers, many that were similar to each other, and many not. I sat there in wonder at the lucky ones who don’t have a 9 to 5 each day, who wear head to toe designer, have plenty of daily fun places to wear those fancy clothes, and who live in big beautiful houses. I envied those that made money off their blogs who already had it so good. And then I realized, that’s them, not me but I can build a brand too. I have a blessed and lucky life now. I love fashion, I love clothes and I’m lucky enough to be really talented with a visual eye to put looks together, know what works on what shape bodies for the most flattering looks, and how to dress for individual style, and not follow fads or trends. That’s all I really want for this blog, is to share my style perspective. I would like this gem to focus on style, personal styling that I have done, my bi-annual visual merchandising closet overhaul (visual merch is my thing), touching on current topics in the fashion/media/pop culture world, and of course growing with me in current life areas such as home, relationships, etc. I also hope to distinguish myself as a prominent fashion and lifestyle blogger in the Cleveland area, as I know that there are not many published out of a city where fashion isn’t country as most people seem to think Ohio is, and isn’t all labels either.

So now that I am no longer a full time visual merchandising specialist/semi-recent fashion grad, let me introduce myself today. I’m a twenty something Clevelander. I love my city and I know that it is an ever-changing one. There is greatness here with self-operated businesses, including the plethora of creative shops that don’t always get the attention they deserve. Since I did not want to relocate with my fashion degree, I have since gave up the cruel world of retail (I could only take 8 years) and I work at a law firm as a legal assistant to two attorneys. I love WWE (long story and no one believes me when I say I go to the live events, sign in hand and dressed as my favorite wrestler lol). I have a long term boyfriend and he just built us a beautiful home and I cannot wait to start the exciting process of decorating from a clean slate. I enjoy clean eating, fitness and natural healing. I really feel that nature is the sole healer of the body. Other loves of mine are my cats, naps, the outdoors, history, and of course, my big Italian family. Oh and there is no such thing as clean eating at an Italian dinner! : )
So please join me on this adventure of mine called life, as I experience some new exciting things. And of course, we will do it, well dressed.


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