SNSD Soo young Fashion

kitten printed vintage dress with brown belt. Yellow handbag and golden oxford shoes
simple look. Stirped blue blouse with white t-shirt tucked under short black jeans.
vintage printed cardigan
oversized grey wollen cardigan with long white t-shirt/black jumper inside. Black leggings
mustard coloured blouse with high waisted beige shorts. Accessorised with a brown belt + bag

wedding look

dark floral skirt with a grey jacket.
floral blouse with dark trousers

casual blue coded look

Grey long maxi dress with black jacket
floral playsuit with light grey cardigan
floral short dress with light denim jacket. white oxford shoes. hot pink purse
simple marine styled t-shirt
checkered jacket with bright blue skinny jeans. 

blue blouse with sky blue skinny jeans. Gold heels

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